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ALSA MirraChrome


MirraChrome will create a mirror finish with about 90%-95% of the reflectivity and look of genuine chrome as long as your surface is as smooth as glass. Please follow these steps for best results:

STEP 1. - Apply Jet Black Stylin Basecoat over your primer.

STEP 2. - Allow the basecoat to fully dry. You are now ready to apply clearcoat. If your surface already has a glass like sheen, move on to step 3.

STEP 3. - Allow clearcoat to fully dry (cure) and polish to a mirror finish.

STEP 4. - Begin applying MirraChrome using a dusting effect, (very small volume of material with a substantial amount of air). If you are using an H.V.L.P. gun you should be around 20 p.s.i. otherwise use whatever the recommended air pressure is for your gun, remembering to keep the material volume very low. Continue applying the MirraChrome until desired effect is achieved.

STEP 5. - Allow the MirraChrome to air dry 30 min. or Bake for 15 min@140° F.

STEP 6. - Use a very soft lint-free cloth to remove any of the excess dust/overspray from the surface. If you complete this step you will notice a drastic improvement in the final appearance.

STEP 7. - Apply the an intercoat clear to the MirraChrome and allow to fully dry before moving on to Step 8.

STEP 8. - If you are applying this to a vehicle or other object that will be handle frequently or exposed to the elements you will now want to apply a catalyzed clearcoat.